Map of Mina – Hajj 2024 Maps of Holy Sights

Hajj Pilgrims for 2024 Hajj Season from all over the world are getting ready for this most important spiritual trip as the hajj pilgrimage of 2024 is just a few days away. Mina, an important place during the hajj, changes into a tent city where many days revolve around. To have a smooth and focused pilgrimage, it is crucial to have a reliable and detailed map of Mina.

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This Google map of Mina can be very useful for Hajj Pilgrims. It’s a Google map which can be used as a live guide.

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Map of Mina

The “Map of Mina” is made explicitly for Hajj pilgrims and gives them comprehensive information on the tent city. It shows key places like Jamarat (the site where the symbolic stoning of devil takes place), tents from various countries, medical centers, washrooms/restrooms and food distribution areas among others. The “Map of Mina” will help you find your way with ease and certainty amidst countless people while visiting Meenah.

Mina Map Image

mina map


Mina Map PDF

Download Mina Map PDF from Here

BREAKING NEWS: Two Indians Dead in Lift crash in Hajj 2024 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Moreover, there are routes and safety tips that can enable you to easily move between Arafat, Muzdalifah, and Meenah thus enabling you to concentrate on your spiritual duties without stressors. The Map of Mina can be accessed both in print form as well as digitally; this is very necessary for every individual taking part in the pilgrimage since it helps one stay focused throughout their journey

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