Miqat Locations on Map – For Hajj & Umrah 2024

Here is Miqat Map and Locations marked on the Google Map.

Hajj 2024 is fast approaching and many devotees are getting ready to embark on this memorable journey. One thing that pilgrims must comprehend prior embarking on this spiritual trip is where to wear Ihram and declare their intention for going for Hajj at Miqat sites.

Miqat Locations


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Recognizing exactly where these Miqats are situated plays a very vital role when someone wants to undertake a religious journey that will be acceptable before God’s eyes.

An essential tool for hajj pilgrims is the guide “Miqat Locations on Map” which has relevant information like names and distances from Mecca along with GPS coordinates in order for them to locate easily on Google maps. This is a significant requisite if one wants their pilgrimage to be authentic and spiritually satisfying.

The above points can be used for all over the world nations.


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