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As the days of Hajj 2024 approach near, millions of Muslims are getting ready to start a journey that would change their lives. Arafat, which is also famous as the “Mountain of Mercy,” forms one of the most important sites of the Hajj. This is the area where the pilgrims come together for the climactic day of prayer and reflection. A detailed map of Arafat is required for a smooth experience. We will add PDF of this here very soon.

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Arafat Map

The “Arafat Map” is designed exclusively for the Hajj pilgrims for an all-around guide at this sacrosanct location. This map outlines the significant landmarks in the area, including Mount of Mercy, innumerable areas of prayers, and all the necessary amenities like medical tents, restrooms, and food and water stalls. The huge number of pilgrims flooding Arafat makes it hard to move around, but the “Arafat Map” guarantees that you can move around easily and with confidence.

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Arafat Map Image

arafat map

Arafat Map PDF


Download Arafat Map PDF here

The map is also provided with routes and necessary information to enable you to smoothly proceed further to Muzdalifah after sunset. The “Arafat Map” is available in printed and digital form so that you may not have to worry about getting lost or losing some important location. Thus, this ensures that you can simply be your spiritual self, free from all the worries of getting lost or being behind schedule. The “Arafat Map” is here to provide a peaceful and organized pilgrimage so that you can immerse yourself in this holy experience completely.

We will add Arafat Map PDF here very soon, Stay tuned with Air Link

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