Makkah to Mina Walking Map & Distance with Google Map

The departure from Makkah to Mina is a turning point for the pilgrims to undertake the sacred journey, marking the end of all the spiritually energizing and preparatory days on the Hajj pilgrimage. To help pilgrims during this crucial transit, the “Makkah to Mina Walking Map” comes in handy to guide and provide essential clarity along the path.

The map has been crafted in minute detail to highlight the path from Makkah to Mina, guiding pilgrims through some of the busiest streets and the most exciting landscapes. Equally important is the information it supplies, inclusive of landmarks, rest areas, hydration stations, and medical facilities, to help ensure the safety and well-being of the pilgrims.

Makkah to Mina Map


The “Makkah to Mina Walking Map” is specially designed to cater to the various needs of different pilgrims. Different routes are suggested for those who want an easier or more accessible path. Clearly marked distance and elevation levels help pilgrims to set the pace of their journey to achieve balance and fulfillment during the pilgrimage.


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The map is available in both print and digital formats to suit individual preferences, offering convenience and accessibility at all points. Whether it be carried in a pocket or accessed on a smartphone, it serves as a constant companion, providing one with the confidence and surety to navigate the journey.

The “Makkah to Mina Walking Map” stands as a guiding star in one’s journey from Makkah to Mina, serving to enlighten the path and make it easier to deepen one’s connection to the sacred journey of the Hajj. With its support, pilgrims can ensure their breathtaking, reverential, and deeply purposeful pilgrimage.

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