Best Months for Umrah 2025: Top Dates to Plan Your Pilgrimage

Planning your Umrah journey for the year 2025 but not sure which are the best months to go? Look no further! In this blog article, I will be sharing with you all the information you need to know about the best months for Umrah in 2025. Whether you are looking for the most spiritually uplifting time or wanting to avoid the crowds, I promise you will find all the guidance you need right here.

At, we have been in the Umrah and Makkah, Madinah travel field since 2016, with a wealth of experience spanning over 8 years. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the best months for Umrah in 2025. In my opinion, our site is your one-stop destination for all your Umrah planning needs, as we work closely with some of the best tour operators in the industry to ensure a seamless and memorable journey for you.

Best Months for Umrah 2025: Top Dates to Plan Your Pilgrimage


Planning a pilgrimage for Umrah in 2025 can be a daunting task, especially with the variability of weather and crowd sizes throughout the year. As someone who has been in the travel industry for 8 years, specializing in Umrah and Makkah, Madinah travel since 2016 through, I have seen the trends and patterns that emerge when it comes to the best months for Umrah. In this article, I will discuss the top dates to plan your Umrah pilgrimage in 2025.

Spring Months: March and April

In my opinion, the spring months of March and April are one of the best times to perform Umrah in 2025. During this time, the weather in Makkah and Madinah is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from mild to warm. Additionally, the crowds tend to be smaller compared to the busier months of Ramadan and Hajj, allowing for a more peaceful and spiritual experience.

Summer Months: June, July, and August

Although the summer months of June, July, and August can be hot in Saudi Arabia, they are still considered good times for Umrah pilgrimage in 2025. The long daylight hours provide ample time for prayer and reflection, and the hotels and accommodations are often more affordable during this off-peak season. However, it is important to stay hydrated and take precautions against the heat.

Fall Months: September and October

In the fall months of September and October, the weather begins to cool down in Makkah and Madinah, making it a comfortable time for Umrah pilgrimage. The crowds are also relatively smaller during this time, allowing for a more intimate and reflective experience. Additionally, the prices for flights and accommodations are often more reasonable compared to the peak season.

Winter Months: December and January

The winter months of December and January can also be great times for Umrah pilgrimage in 2025. The weather in Saudi Arabia during this time is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Additionally, the holiday season often brings special events and activities in Makkah and Madinah, adding to the overall experience of the pilgrimage.


In conclusion, the best months for Umrah pilgrimage in 2025 depend on your preferences and priorities. Whether you prefer a quieter experience with smaller crowds or enjoy the festive atmosphere of special events, there are options available throughout the year. As someone who has been in the travel industry for 8 years, I recommend planning your pilgrimage in advance and considering factors such as weather, crowd sizes, and budget. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and memorable Umrah experience.

FAQs on best months for umrah 2025

  1. What are the best months for Umrah in 2025?
    The best months for Umrah in 2025 are typically during the months of Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul-Qa’dah, and Muharram.

  2. Is Umrah better during Ramadan or outside of Ramadan?
    Umrah during Ramadan is considered more rewarding, but it can also be crowded and more expensive. Outside of Ramadan, Umrah can be less crowded and more affordable.

  3. Are there any specific months to avoid for Umrah in 2025?
    It is recommended to avoid the Hajj season, which falls during the month of Dhul Hijjah, as the holy sites can be extremely crowded.

  4. When is the best time to book my Umrah trip for 2025?
    It is recommended to book your Umrah trip well in advance to secure the best deals and availability, especially during peak seasons.

  5. What are the benefits of performing Umrah in 2025?
    Performing Umrah in 2025 allows you to earn blessings and rewards, seek forgiveness, and strengthen your faith through a spiritual journey to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.
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